Kubernetes won't save you

Kubernetes has become the new darling of the infrastructure world.

Not only is it a great piece of technology for managing your containers, but in conjunction with the possibility to rent managed clusters from any of the big Cloud providers, Kubernetes offers organisations the possibility to get rid of the shackles of hosting and/or managing one’s infrastructure.
But that does not mean that Kubernetes is a one-size-fits-all solution. Especially in big corporations, bigger, systemic and/or more pressing problems could be revealed while implementing a big shift like moving to the cloud. As consultants, we can often observe the chaos and frustration that breaks out, when the vision of management does not align with the reality of what the teams are able to deliver. More often than not, it’s not a technological problem, but a cultural one.
When is an organisation ripe for cloud transformation? How can we make sure we are addressing the problems at their root?

Kubernetes alone won’t save you, but with the right mindset, it might be just what you needed to save yourself.